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Including The Australian School of Government Studies and Open Tasmania


Providing advice and training to corporations, governments and not for profits since 1993.

Helping to build your credibility, marketing and privacy policies.

Our team which includes pollsters, technical advisors and psychologists helps organisations to analyse their performance and give them the tools for making improvements. This could involve surveys, focus groups or polling and communications advice.

Open Tasmania Panel

This was established to ensure that, as much is reasonably possible, all government decisions are made with openness so that the key information is available to the public in a pro-active manner. The Open Tasmania Panel identifies those areas where critically important information should be in the public arena before governments make a decision.

The Panel members are Saul Eslake (Economist), Colette McAlpine (researcher) and Terry Aulich (Market researcher, pollster and strategist).

From time to time other experts are brought in to assist with the identification of and research into key issues affecting good political decision making.




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Terry Aulich

The Hon. Terry Aulich is a former Senator and State Government Minister for Education and Industrial Relations. He is considered to be one of the fathers of Australian privacy legislation and is noted for his capacity to help organisations grow and gain credibility and market positioning.

Terry is chair of the Clubs NSW Code Authority which manages governance issues, Chair of the Privacy Committee of the Association of Marketing and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and Chair of the International Biometrics Institute’s Privacy Experts Group. He has also been CEO of a number of national organisations such as the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and is a published author and dramatist and has published papers on both education funding and the costing of major building projects.



Our Clients

Some clients who have used Aulich & Co. and its training arm, the Australian School of Government Studies range from airlines to banks to not for profit charities, industry groups and governments.


The Biometrics Institute (UK and Australia)
Rural Press (owners of the Canberra Times)
Building Excellence Project (University NSW)
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Australian Department of Health & Ageing
Family Court of Australia

ACT Government
Child Support Agency
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service

Polygram Records
Sony Music
American Express


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