Aulich & Co.


Tassie Pine is the creation of former State Minister and Senator Terry Aulich. A dramatist and novelist, Aulich is paying homage to the small Tasmanian towns in which both he and his children grew up. The local radio stations, the football and other sports and the way people look after each other, are lovingly recreated.

Tassie Pine is a series of webisodes on the internet using the new low cost technology to reach an audience that still appreciates those values.

Every Tuesday at 7.30pm a new episode will appear on Facebook and the website making thirty in all which tell a story that will have you intrigued.

Watch as the secret tapes from Radio 7UC finally make a mighty impact on the nation’s media as Tassie proves that “they can’t pull the wool over my eyes even though I’m a spud grower and do a bit of dairying.”

All actors, technicians, writers and musicians are from Tasmania.

“I wanta give the locals a bit of a go,” says Tassie. “David Walsh can’t shoulder all the burden, so I’m helping the young fella out.”